Shipping policy

Shipping overview

Shipping prices and times are determined by the product. Some items are made to order, and some are ready to ship. On each item, you can see a guide for prices & times depending on where you are in the world.

Where we ship

Most brands ship worldwide. Location of each item, and where it's shipped from will be displayed on each item

Saving on shipping

Ordering multiple items doesn’t have to be expensive. Ordering from the same brand will allow you to order with just 1 postage price. Some brands even offer free shipping if you're spending over a certain amount!

Return Shipping costs

Return shipping is usually covered by the customer. Remember, most of the brands selling on our website are small independent brands, so if you're purchasing to try on a few sizes to return the others, this is quite detrimental to brands. In most cases, the item return shipping will be covered by the brands if the item arrives damaged.