Festival Fairy Programme Local


Hello and thank you for being a part of our festival fairy programme! We're so excited to welcome you to the team. 

Below we have outlined our terms of being a part of the festival fairy programme

  • We’re offering an exclusive 40% off 2 online collections for those we feel can create amazing content in the clothes. This discount code is for you only and can not be shared of given away, this will result in our collaboration being dismissed. 
  • In exchange for 40% off this is what we would like from you: Content to be live within 8 weeks All content tagging Wild Thing (@wildthing on Facebook, Instagram & tiktok) Preferably video content, but images are also good. If the event your wearing your items to is past the 8 week period please let us know.
  • You will be given a 10% discount code for your following.

The next stage is our gifting programme where you can work with all designers along our platform and receive gifted parcels from us.