Mens Clothing & Fashion inspired by alternative festival clothing. Think funky bright prints, meggings & sequins. 

We're made up of small independent fashion brands with an edge for standing out. Many of our Brands made the clothing themselves, or design and print onto the garments themselves. Providing ethical fashion brands with a unique twist just goes to show that eco fashion doesn't have to be boring.  Mens Festival clothing was our initial inspiration for Wild Thing, and we've since put in place a process so that the only clothes we sell have sustainable elements to the clothing sold. 

Summer 2019 we began working on ensuring that wild thing supplied sustainable and eco clothing that stood out in our wild thing way.  When we get approached by new brands, we now ensure that they have a sustainable element to their clothing. This may be from using eco fabrics, or designing and making the garments themselves. Buying clothing doesn’t have to cost the earth. Quite literally. We’re working with brands who sell on our site to offer more sustainable options in terms of shipment and packaging as well as the garment itself.