Embrace the Vibes: Forwards Festival - Where Music Meets Magic on Bristol Downs!

Picture this: a more than perfect September day, Bristol Downs as your playground, and Forwards Festival lighting up your world. It's not your regular festival; it's a funky fusion of music, culture, and pure community spirit! So, kick back and let's talk about Forwardd Festival: a true Bristol gem.

As a family business we went as a family, taking Katie's 5 year old daughter along to play in the kids area.




Small, but Mighty

Forward Festival might be small in size, but it's massive in heart. Tucked away on the Downs, it's a two-day party with two epic stages and a bustling array of food & shall.


This fest isn't just about tunes – it's a movement. Forwards Festival wants to change the game, redefine what a city festival can be, and make the world a better place, one dance at a time. The festival is like the heart of Bristol, beating to a rhythm of social change.

Eargasmic Tunes

Expect mind-blowing performances from big international names. We're talking about legends like Bonobo and Erykah Badu! The sunset was the best i've seen this year. 

More Than Music

Forwards Festival isn't just about chasing tunes. It's about chasing dreams and making the world a better place. Enter "Forwards Thinking," a platform that's always up to some good. Through partnerships with Big Team, Team Canteen, and Sustainability CIC, they're all about social action.

Talk the Talk

"The Information" is where you dive into some serious discussions about current affairs and culture. Get ready to expand your mind. 

No Hassle, Just Fun

Getting to Forward Fest is a breeze. Park your ride nearby and take a chill walk to the festival grounds. They even have a rad play area for the kids. It's a party for everyone!

So, if you're up for a wild ride filled with good vibes, groovy tunes, and a touch of social change, Forward Festival is your jam. Get ready to dance, chat, and make a difference. Mark your calendar, Bristol! Forward Festival is where it's at! 🎶🌟

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